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Gran Turismo 5 for PC?

by on08 December 2010

Not exactly, but will be able to monitor
When we first heard rumors that some sort of browser-based add-on was coming for Gran Turismo 5 that would allow the user to play the sim, we have to admit that we were more than a bit puzzled. We figured that it was nothing more than a web site with stats, data and maybe replays from your greatest GT5 exploits.

What we are finding out instead is that Polyphony Digital has plans to release an update that will come at some point early next year that will allow PC systems using a simple web browser to “Monitor B-spec” races. While you can’t control the cars directly in the B-spec mode, you can play the role of a racing crew chief and give the AI instructions to carry out for you, such as when to pit and when to pass other cars, for example. It isn’t actually driving the cars but is more about directing the flow of the race.

The concept is an interesting addition to the game, but we are unsure how popular it will be with players. It will offer a high level of control and playback functionality that should prove to be a very unique concept to extend the title beyond the PlayStation 3 platform.

We will see if players warm up to it when the enhancement arrives.

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