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Activision miffs paintballer

by on06 August 2010

Tried to steal his identity
Game maker Activision attempted to steal the identity of a leading paintballer and “fired” him from his own game,

Greg Hastings claims that the day after Greg Hastings Paintball came out he got a letter from Activision saying that they felt he had abandoned his franchise. As a result they felt it was best not to pay him and
start making games called Greg Hastings Paintball without Greg Hastings.

Hastings decided he was not going to allow Activision to take his name and image without a fight and he fought it in court.

"They made us spend a whole pile of money and we won unanimously in court," he told Games Radar.

The paintball playing pro had lent his name to two Activision-published games before the fall out. Hastings has since handed his paintball title to Majesco which has just released version two of the game.
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