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Oculus getting Eagle Flight VR game

by on09 December 2015

From Ubisoft

Oculus VR has convinced Ubisoft to develop its Eagle Flight VR for its platform.

In a move which proves our point that content is king, the VR shows what will be like to fly like an eagle. This really is a nice demo but we cannot imagine that this will become popular game. The eagle's best weapon would be taking someone's eyes out with its beaks or clutches which would get a bit messy with the game censors.

The eagle, or a pair of them will fly over Paris. It sounds like a cool demo, just not something you could spend hours playing. It is hard not to shake the feeling that the content of the game is rehashing stuff from Assassins Creed that we saw last year, but that belongs to Ubisoft and they can use it how they like.

Ubisoft has shared with the community that there will be some dogfights and that you will be able to play in single and multi-player mode.

Next time we get the chance to see the Oclulus, the new Eagle demo might stick its beak in,  but we are sure that developers can do better than just eagle flying.

Last modified on 09 December 2015
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