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Forza 5 GOTY confirmed for Xbox One

by on09 June 2014

First GOTY release for the console hits in July

Microsoft and Turn 10 will be releasing a Game of the Year edition of Forza 5 that will arrive for the Xbox One console in mid-July. The release of Forza 5 Motorsport in this Game of the Year Edition will represent the first in what we are sure will be a long list of Game of the Year editions that will be released over the lifetime of the console.

What is perhaps most interesting about this Game of the Year edition of Forza 5 is that unlike the majority of Game of the Year editions that we have been used to seeing where the publisher and developer load the Game of the Year edition up with all of the DLC that has been released for the title so far, the GOTY Edition of Forza 5 is bucking that trend in favor of only a small snippet of additional content over the original release.

The GOTY edition of Forza 5 will include of course all of the content that was included with the original release of the game. In addition the GOTY edition will include 10 additional cards as well as the 15 tracks that were included with the original game plus Road America and Long Beach which were two additional tracks offered as free downloads. Another track which has yet to be announced will also be included as well as Top Gear car pack. (We suspect that this additional track will be offered to current owners in some way, but that too has yet to be announced.)

With the announcement of Forza Horizon 2 coming later this year, and hopefully more Xbox One consoles to be sold between now and then, offering a GOTY edition of Forza 5 is likely a good move as it still remains one of the strongest titles and best looking titles that have been released for the Xbox One so far. We are hear that the GOTY edition of Forza 5 should hit dealer shelves on July 22nd, but that release date could change, but we expect confirmation later today at the Microsoft presser.

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