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New Criterion title to be announced at E3

by on06 June 2014

Unlikely to be a Burnout sequel say rumors

Word is that Criterion will announce its new next-gen title that it has been developing. It will be unveiled at the Electronic Arts E3 presser on Monday. Word is that in addition to the new title that has been in development at Criterion, EA is planning to show at least six other new titles as well. It is not known how many of the six, including the new title from Criterion are actually new IP.

For those getting their hopes up that Criterion unveil will be a new Burnout sequel, sources tell us not to get our hopes up. With the down sizing of Criterion last year and the formation of Ghost Games to handle racing titles, a good number of the people at Ghost Games were formally at Criterion.

When you add to this the departure of Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry who exited Criterion to form the new studio known as Three Fields Entertainment, we have to wonder if whatever Criterion was working on that is going to be now revealed was not exciting enough to make the two of them stay at Criterion.

Whatever Criterion shows it does have the possibility of being something very good. Criterion does have an extensive back catalog of previously release titles from which to draw from including Sub Cluture, Reline Racer, AirBlade, and of course the well-known FPS title Black. It could draw from these or be something brand new.

We have to admit that while we know that Ghost Games will continue to work on the Need for Speed titles, we sure would like to see another Criterion developed racer, but we really think that this is just too much to hope for.


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