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Patch for Arkham Origins unlikely

by on11 February 2014

Players unhappy with the developer’s stance

Warner Bros. Montreal has announced its intention to continue working on the DLC story content as its focus for Batman: Arkham Origins. In addition, the developer has indicated that right now as things stand it isn’t planning another patch in the short term.

Players are not happy with the decision, as you can imagine. There is hope that if the decision is made to move forward on a patch at some point in the future it will likely focus on the progression blocking bugs and not the minor glitches that do not prevent players from playing the game.

While there are no plans for a patch on the consoles, the PC version will at least get some attention, and the Deathstroke's Quick Fire Neural Pellets and Quick Fire Proximity Bomb not working with PC mouse and keyboard are going to get fixed; but right now the developer has no ETA on when this might happen.

Players have complained to Warner Bros Montreal in the forums that the game has a number of glitches and have had a negative reaction to the news from the developer. Some are suggesting a boycott of purchasing the DLC or not purchasing games developed by the Warner Bros Montreal studio.

While Warner Bros Montreal has thanked the players for being patient, it does seem that an attempt to address a number of these issues is warranted; but it is also understandable that they would like to drive revenue by getting more DLC out there. It seems to us that they would want to fix the game at the same time that they are developing the DLC, but it appears that the developer and publisher have made the decision to move on and that is what they are going to do.

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