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Peggle 2 gets a release date

by on03 December 2013

Xbox One offering gets priced as well

Electronic Arts owned PopCap will deliver the Xbox One release of Peggle 2 on December 9th. Originally scheduled to available as a launch day title for the Xbox One, PopCap announced that the title would not make Xbox One release day, but instead it will be released after launch day with the official launch date to be confirmed now.

It will be download only for the Peggle 2 offering, and it will set Xbox One buyers back $11.99 which seems fair for the popular puzzle game sequel. While it has not been officially confirmed, the release of Peggle 2 on the Xbox One is thought to be a timed exclusive, with other versions for other platforms to follow at a later date. The decision to bring the game to Xbox One first had to be an easy one as the first installment was quite popular on the Xbox 360.

So far PopCap has not announced plans for other platforms including the Xbox 360 which is quite surprising. While the North American price of $11.99 is confirmed, the cost for those outside of Europe has yet to be revealed.

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