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GTA V for PC in Q1 2014?

by on14 October 2013

PC port could mean next gen versions not far behind

While Rockstar has continued to say that they have nothing to announce concerning a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, sources continue to tell us that the developer is actively working on the PC version. This seems to be the worst kept secret these days as multiple industry sources continue to tell us that this is the case despite what Rockstar is saying publically.

The PC version is apparently targeted for a first quarter 2014 release. What might be a bit more interesting is that in addition to the PC version of the game, it could be that the company is also planning a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release of the title that come at some point after the PC version is released.

The potential of a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of GTA V really comes as little surprise if the rumors of a PC version are true, but like the PC version Rockstar has nothing to say at this time. Still we have to believe that the release of a PC version as well as a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version would do nothing but continue to stoke the coffers at Take Two, so expecting these versions isn’t really that much of a leap with all of the talk that we are hearing.

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