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The 38 Studios auction coming in November

by on27 September 2013

Kingdoms of Amalur and Rise of Nations on the block

While 38 Studios never did get its Project Copernicus MMO out the door that the studio was developing, but it did acquire Big Huge Games which managed to get Kingdoms of Amalur out the door and released. While many have wanted to see a follow up, that is only going to happen if someone happens to buy the IP and fund the development of a sequel.

On November 14th, Heritage Global Partners will be putting the 38 Studios IP including the Big Huge Games developed titles on the block. In addition to Kingdoms of Amalur, Rise of Nations, Ride of Legends, Catan, as well as the Big Huge Games Engine will go on the block. The Big Huge Games titles and IP is sure to draw some interest, but from who we don’t know. We do know that the buyer of Kingdoms of Amalur will get all of the rights to the franchise including the rights to a sequel, merchandising, and revenues from sales of Kingdoms of Amalur from EA Partners we assume.

Of course the 38 Studios developed Project Copernicus MMO IP will also be on the block. It isn’t clear what it might be worth or if something could be done with it. No work has taken place on it since the closure of 38 Studios in May 2012.

We wish the state of Rhode Island much success and we hope that they are able to recover at least some of the investment they sunk into 38 Studios.

See the auction for yourself here.


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