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GTA Online to do microtransactions?

by on25 September 2013

Looks like you will be able to purchase cash packs

In a game where cash is king, it may come as little surprise that after players started digging around in the GTA V code they uncovered the possibility of microtransactions for Grand Theft Online when it makes its appearance starting October 1st.

Rockstar has not talked about or indicated that they are jumping on the microtransaction bandwagon, but it also has not really gotten into how it plans to fund the 16 player open world chaos that is to be the online offering.

We don’t expect Rockstar to say anything at this point and it will instead let the chips fall where the may when the games releases on Xbox 360 and PlayStaiton 3. So far while a rumored PC version is said to being planned and perhaps a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version is coming in the future, we suspect that that these microtransaction cash packs could prove popular and become a new stream of revenue for the franchise going forward.

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