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Levine confirms starting to pen new game

by on14 May 2013

Twitter confirmation says script is in development

Now that Ken Levine and Irrational Games has BioShock Infinite out the door, many have been wondering what Levine is up to these days. Via Twitter, Levine confirmed that the script for his next new title is already in development, but stopped short of providing any details or when we might see this new title.

Levine is known to be a fan of a number of TV shows as well as a number of authors. It is very likely that his next title will be influenced by the work of the Coen brothers, Steven Soderberg, Stanley Kubrick, as well as the TV series, Mad Men. Even with these clues, we are no closer to having even a vague idea of what Levine might be working on.

As for a release date, we don’t think we are going to see anything before 2015; and that is only if we are very lucky.

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