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Prototype 2 leads U.S. charts

by on14 May 2012

Not selling as fast as hoped

The latest console software sales charts from the NPD Group tell us that in the U.S. Prototype 2 is leading all other titles in sales. While you would think that this news would cause Activision to jump for joy, the reality is that it isn’t selling as fast as Activision would like.

Prototype 2 isn’t the old console software that isn’t selling that fast; in fact, April was a pretty soft month for console software sales. While there were not that many new titles released, the titles for all of the consoles were not flying off the shelf.

While the summer months are not typical big sales months for console software, we will not know what the release schedule looks like for the majority of the publishers from now till the end of the year until E3 occurs. Independent retailers that we spoke with are hopeful that summer produces some decent sales numbers heading into the fall and then the holiday season.

“We need some strong titles to arrive this summer, but it does not look like we are going to really see sales pick up till early fall,” one independent retailer told us.

Let’s hope that we see some stronger sales heading into the summer; but we have to echo the opinion that we, too, are not really that optimistic.

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