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Konami announces two upcoming DLC titles

by on03 June 2011

MLB Bobblehead Pros and Red Bull X-Fighters
Konami will continue its move into more digital publishing with the announcement of two upcoming releases. The first of the new titles is a baseball title called MLB Bobblehead Pros; and the second title is Red Bull X-fighters World Tour. Both will be downloadable-only offerings that are slated for arrival on the Xbox 360. Also planned are two additional MLB Bobblehead titles, as well as an AllStar DLC package.

MLB Bobblehead Pros is a new spin on baseball. The game allows fans to choose their favorite Major League Baseball bobblehead dolls. The game features all 30 MLB teams and an ability to play 162 schedules. Games will also include the ability to play with the Bobblehead.

Konami has also acquired the video game rights to Red Bull X-Fighters. The title will be coming for purchased download for both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. The game itself is a motorcycle freestyle game where players perform tricks for the judges. These, of course, are not just any tricks, but extreme tricks that push the envelope.
It is expected that Red Bull X-fighters should be turned loose for download at some point toward the end of summer.

As for MLB Bobblehead Pros, it is looking like that title is a bit further out, but it should make release in the late fall or early winter and definitely before the holiday season, as this should be a MLB fan favorite. No pricing has been announced, but we suspect that the pricing will be in the $10 to $15 dollar range.

These releases plus the additional MLB titles are all part of Konami’s attempt to gain a better foothold in the digital delivery space where the company is going to be putting a lot of focus in the coming months.

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