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600K to join Battlefield Play4Free beta

by on04 March 2011

Mac version unlikely due to 5th gen engine
DICE is ramping up to start their closed beta of Battlefield Play4Free that was announced previously. Surprisingly, the beta has drawn over 600,000 players who want a chance to check out the new Play4Free title. The development of the title is being handled by East studios, but this is not the first time that EA and DICE have experimented with the Play4Free concept, as Battlefield Heroes was a similar title concept that they have continued to experiment with.

The current plan is to work with the 600,000 players in the closed beta and then have an open beta that will start at some point in April. The reason for this plan is to avoid a massive server overload that all of the “day one” players would cause, which could lead to servers crashing and other issues that they don’t want.

As for the possibility of a Mac version of Battlefield Play4Free, the outlook right now isn’t very positive due mostly in part to the fact that the 5th generation Battlefield engine that Battlefield Play4Free uses was developed and designed for the PC, and no Mac version of the engine currently exists. While it would be possible to port the engine over to the Mac there currently is not Mac development team at Easy to handle the task.  So, right now it is unlikely, but it could happen.

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