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Next LEGO game to use Kinect?

by on02 March 2011

Traveller’s Tales is apparently considering it
The LEGO gaming gurus at Traveller’s Tales are apparently considering the use of Kinect and how to best apply it to their next LEGO game offering. The studio is apparently exploring the options to see if it is possible to apply something new to what the company has done in the past.

Don’t get too excited yet, as the latest title that the studio is working on does not offer any support for motion controllers. In a discussion with Eurogamer, Jonathan Smith (who is the production boss) admitted that doing something that involved motion controllers would be different in the same way that LEGO Rock Band was different from what the studio had previously done with the LEGO franchise.

Like many studios, Traveller’s Tales is more interested in the motion controllers than in the past. Much of the interest stems from the fact that both Microsoft and Sony have sold a lot of them and the market space is much bigger now. Many studios took a wait and see attitude on the Microsoft and Sony motion controller offerings to see how well they would sell before moving to support them.

In addition, the number of titles that are offering support for these devices has been thin at best. While new titles for Kinect and Move continue to be released, they are not coming out as fast as everyone thought they might, which means that currently there are a lot of sales to be made with fewer titles competing for gamers’ dollars. Look for more studios to make announcements of titles that offer motion controller support at E3 this year. We expect that this holiday season will be packed with motion controller titles, according to the sources we have spoken with.

Read more about the exploration of a LEGO Kinect title here.

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