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Guitar & DJ Hero to get more DLC

by on28 February 2011

Fans show support to get more content
Recently, we have reported both on Activision’s decision not to continue both the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises in the short term. As a result of this decision, Activision had moved to dissolve the teams working on these titles and the associated DLC. It was announced that after the current DLC for both franchises was released, there would be no additional releases.

The news apparently stuck a cord with fans of both Guitar and DJ Hero, as they rose up to tell Activision what they thought of the decision. Now we have learned that Activision has backpedaled a bit and has announced in the official Twitter feeds for both games that due to “continued support” from the communities, they have elected to change their position and additional DLC is being planned for both titles.

While Activision does not give us a clue how much content is planned or when it will arrive, we think the news is actually good for both titles. More information is promised to be coming soon as to the specific details, but fans of both franchises have to be pleased with the news.

While the news of more DLC is a start, we suspect that it will not lead to an immediate reversal of the decision not to release new titles in both franchises right away; but it seems Activision is paying attention and all may not be lost. We will have to wait and see what the plan is for additional DLC before passing final judgment.

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