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Cataclysm may not arrive this year

by on01 October 2010

Expect an update at Blizzcon in October
With no official release date announced, it seems that some retailers (including retail giant Amazon) are now at least thinking that the Cataclysm expansion pack for World of Warcraft will not arrive till January. They are not alone in this thinking, as other sources seem to think that despite the desire of Blizzard to get it released this year, a release in January is likely.

Blizzard isn’t talking, and why should they? Blizzcon is only a few weeks away. Right now, our sources tell us that they suspect that Blizzard will announce the official release date during their convention of everything Blizzard.

While Cataclysm is currently in Beta, news of what exactly is happening in the beta has been spotty, at best. It seems that with Amazon already being proactive in sending out Emails to buyers suggesting a January 5th release date, we have to think that they already know something we don’t. We predict that we will not see Cataclysm till early next year; and when it does arrive, the sales will still be off the charts.

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