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Xbox Independents have no access to Kinect

by on06 August 2010

Reserved as a privilege for established developers
If you are one who enjoys the independently developed games that come out of the XNA Creators Club, you might be surprised to learn that Microsoft has decided that at least for the time being these XNA independent developers will not be able to develop titles that use Kinect.

Apparently, Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has decided that only established developers with Microsoft contracts will be able to develop titles for Kinect at this time. That does not mean that in the future Microsoft might not open Kinect development to the XNA community, but right now they are not even considering it.

It is interesting that Microsoft would restrict Kinect title development solely to established Microsoft developers that the company has elected to partner with; but some whispers we are hearing suggest that Microsoft might not feel the time is right and that the backend software is not ready to promote Kinect title development within the XNA development community. Still, some wonder if Microsoft might be missing a chance to get some additional development and ideas into actual unique titles that might help better establish Kinect after it launches. Any way that you slice it, the news perhaps isn’t what many XNA developers were expecting.
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