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Project Icarus to be revealed soon?

by on26 July 2010

Could be Irrational will show it in August
As we told you quite some time ago, BioShock creator Ken Levine left the BioShock team to work on something new. This new project has become known as “Project Icarus” to those in the know.

We are hearing now that Irrational Games will be holding a press event on August 11th in New York City, where it is expected that Levine will fill us in on Project Icarus. As for what we know, we can tell you more about what we don’t think it is than what it is. We don’t think it is a re-imagined or sequel to any existing Irrational IP, which is System Shock or Freedom Force. It is likely to be new IP and we do think it will be something big, as it has been reported that the Project Icarus has actually been in development in one way or another for almost three years.

Irrational, like Take-Two and Rockstar, skipped E3 in favor of doing some type of a press event later in the year. It looks that at least for the Irrational announcement, later in the year has arrived now. Our sources say that they also expect an update on the future of BioShock as far as another sequel or new content. It is also rumored that Irrational might have something else in development, as well, but we will have to wait till August 11th to see.

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