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Batman: Arkham Asylum gets a new trailer

by on02 September 2009


Shows some Nvidia PhysX visuals

Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of those games that Nvidia is quite excited about as it shows some good PhysX visuals. We still haven't tried the PC version but if it's anything like the Playstation 3 or Xbox360 version PC gamers are in for some quality fun. In order to say that the game is better with Nvidia's PhysX we simply have to try it on both ATI and Nvidia hardware, but as far as we could see from this new trailer, the visual details are stunning.

The new trailer shows some PhysX action like volumetric fog/smoke which is in about 60 percent of all environments, as well as the some cool looking particle and debris effects. Of course, there is the cloth/soft materials like banners and curtains as well as destructible physics based environments.

The only remaining question is how much hardware power do you need to run this game flawlessly with all the PhysX eye-candy, and of course how it looks without PhysX, and on ATI hardware.

You can check out the trailer over at

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