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No Hellgate for U.S. or Europe yet

by on02 April 2009


Namco still has rights for those regions

It seems that the possible revival of Hellgate: London by the new rights holder HanbitSoft has hit a bit of a snag. According to what we have been able to learn, it would appear that the rights to allow players from North America and Europe to play the game still rest with the original publisher, Namco Bandai.

As was previously reported all of the Hellgate: London servers for North America and Europe have been shut down since the closure of Flagship Studios. According to reports from HanbitSoft, the company has received a large number of inquiries from players in the North America and European regions as to the availability to once again play the game in their regions, but restrictions prohibit HanbitSoft from opening the game up again to North America and Europe, although the company would like to do this.

While HanbitSoft does own the Hellgate: London IP and would like to be able to provide the game in North America and Europe, they will have to wait until Namco Bandai sells them the rights to do so. With the announcement that HanbitSoft intends to continue to work on and expand the game, a good number of players in North America and Europe would perhaps like the ability to jump back into the fray; but for the time being this does not look like it is going to happen.
Last modified on 02 April 2009
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