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Difficult to get Fit for holiday

by on20 November 2008


Nintendo Wii Fit inventory falls short

It seems that the Nintendo supply and demand projections for the Fit hardware package for the Wii will fall short of being able to satisfy the demand this holiday season. Unlike last year, you should be able to get the Wii console without a problem, but if you want to get the Wii Fit package it will be difficult, to say the least.

Nintendo still thinks that they will be able to meet the demand of Wii consoles this holiday season, as they believe that with the increased production that they are on track to do this. The sales of the Wii Fit hardware and software package that includes the Balance Board have sold much better than Nintendo expected and it would appear that Nintendo did not ramp up production quickly enough to satisfy the demand for this holiday season, according to sources.

While Nintendo expects to satisfy the demand for Wii consoles this holiday season, the landscape might be a bit different this time around with Microsoft having dropped the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade to $199. Many potential purchasers of the Wii are setting their sights on the Xbox 360 by virtue of the fact that the Wii platform does not offer many of the popular titles from publishers that consumers are interested in playing.

Many of the most popular titles this holiday season are being released only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and Wii is being left out of the mix by many publishers, simply because the complex engines that power many of these games will not run on the older hardware that is in the Wii console.

While some have accused the publishers of merely not understanding the Wii audience, some publishers have been slow to embrace the Wii platform. Without some of the most popular titles this holiday season not being playable on the Wii console, consumers may tend to go another direction with their dollars this holiday season.

Last modified on 20 November 2008
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