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THQ announces novelties

by on07 February 2008


Titles come and go


After announcing
last year's official numbers, Brian Farell from THQ announced a couple of novelties concerning their popular titles.

Red Faction 3 will, in certain levels, once again enable destruction of all things visible, and we guess that's any gamer’s favorite thing. This title should be on the market in the next business year (1.4.2008.-31.3.2009) and will come in three versions – PS3, Xbox360 and for PC. Red Faction and its sequel have so far used THQ’s Geomod engine, and we’re anxious to see whether they follow the tradition.

As far as the Warhammer 40.000 Universe based MMO goes, Farell says the team is making good progress. Although he had a chance to test a part of this game he claims fans will have to be patient because the works on the game will take a while.

After Stuntman: Ignition and Juiced 2 sales went sour, the publisher decided to give up on these titles. One of the stated reasons is that the game was simultaneously developed for 6 platforms, and such a task is simply too demanding. From now on THQ will work on a maximum three of their titles simultaneously.

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