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Chip wars take startling new twist

by on19 September 2019

Advance Intelligence:
ARMed and ready?

At a press conference here in Shanghai, a senior executive at Huawei suggested that Intel and X86 CPUs aren't up to coping with heavy lifting.

The Huawei officer wondered if there is an alternative CPU web architecture suitable for purpose.

He answered by saying: “Our processors are compatible with ARM.” 

Huawei, he said, will make further announcements related to ARM-based architecture.

“Intel CPUs suffer an eighty percent degradation accessing the cloud.” But, he added, that's not the case for ARM which has higher efficiencies.

“We choose processors for the benefits they bring to customers”. He said that ARM fitted Huawei's artificial intelligence efforts.

It's obvious from his statements that Huawei doesn't think that Intel fits the bill for future architectures – which is the main thrust of Huawei's “Advanced Intelligence” conference.


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