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Shield Tablet 32GB LTE comes September 1st

by on08 August 2014

So claims Overclockers UK

Nvidia's Shield Tablet will start shipping to the UK and a few other European countries next week, on August 14th. So far Nvidia has not officially confirmed the shipping date for the LTE 32GB version.

The Tegra K1-based tablet works at 2.20GHz has 2GB DDR3, 32GB of storage, 1920x1200 IPS resolution, WiFi and optional 4G LTE. The LTE hardware is Nvidia's in-house Icera 500 chip and in the US the modem supports T-Mobile and AT&T, while it works in most major network providers in Europe.

Overclockers UK has already listed the Shield Tablet 32GB with LTE and claims that the pre-orders can start shipping on September 1st. If they manage to keep their promise, they will ship the LTE version just two weeks after the original WiFi-only version. Overclockers UK charges £299.99 inc VAT for this tablet, some £60 pounds more than for the 16GB WiFi. 

This is not a huge surcharge, as you get both more memory and 4G LTE / 3G connectivity. For example in order to get 32GB storage and LTE capability with an iPad mini you have to pay £499, a good £100 more than the entry-level version. 

We know that these two tablets are hard to compare, but some Nvidia gamers will like the fact that they can use 4G without paying through the nose for it. Everyone who has smartphone or a tablet knows that these things are quite useless without internet, and there are still places where you cannot get the free WiFi. 

We will see if this remains the shipping date but in the meantime, if you are in UK you can pre-order one at Overclokers UK.


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