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iPad still dominates enterprise tablet landscape

by on13 February 2014

But BYOD survey favours Windows tablets

According to a new report from enterprise software vendor Good Technology, Apple’s iPad still reigns supreme in the enterprise tablet space. In fact, Good says iPads accounted for 91.4 percent of all enterprise tablet activations in Q4 2013.

It appears that the financial services industry is the biggest buyer of enterprise tablets, as it accounted for 46.8 percent of all activations. Various business and professional services came in second at 13.9 percent, while manufacturing and the public sector accounted for 9.4 and 9 percent respectively.

However, a new survey carried out by advertising and web analytics firm Chitika indicates that Windows tablets are very popular in a BYOD setting. The survey found that people simply used Microsoft Surface tablets a lot more during office hours.

"Surface users generate a slightly greater share of their total Web traffic during working hours as compared to iPad or Android tablet users," Chitika said. "However, in terms of raw traffic volume, iPad and Android tablet users lead the pack at all hours of the day, and usage patterns among all tablets remain relatively similar overall."

Chitika also found that iPad users are by far the most active tablet users on a daily basis. They generate four times as much web traffic as users of Android tablets. During office hours, however, Microsoft’s Surface users generate a higher share of web traffic than users of Android and iOS tablets.

This basically means that people appear to be using Windows tablets in the office, but at home they prefer something else.

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