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Nokia to release a Windows 8 Tablet

by on17 November 2011

Next summer

Nokia's new relationship with Microsoft is likely to begat a new Windows 8 tablet by June.

Paul Amsellem, the head of Nokia France, told the French newspaper Les Echos  that the former Finnish rubber boot maker is planning to launch a tablet running the next Windows operating system as early as next summer. Amsellem also told Les Echos that Nokia is planning to expand its lineup of Windows Phone handsets, which currently consists of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 these will also be released next year.

The Nokia executive said that higher end Lumia phones were planned in the company's Windows Phone expansion. He said that the Lumia 800 was like BMW's midsize sedan and there would soon have a full range with a 7 Series and 3 Series.

"The 3 Series is BMW's line of smaller compact cars, while the 7 Series is the largest, most luxurious and most expensive sedan the German automaker offers."

Given the analogy, Nokia could offer a three phone lineup, with varying features, specs and price across the range. BMW did not comment.

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