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AMD VP hints at Llano graphics performance

by on25 October 2010

AMD's Chris Cloran says its 500Gflops
It was interesting to hear Chris Cloran,  AMD’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Computing Solutions Group and Client Division, at AMD to talk about the graphics performance of AMD's upcoming Llano APU.

He didn’t say much, but he told us all we needed to know. In his small presentation from the 6th annual AMD Technical Forum and Exhibition at Taipei, Chris told the world that Llano’s is capable of about 500 gigaflops. You can check his short speech here.

He also mentions that Llano APU (Accelerated Powering Unit) comes in mid 2011 and that it can play 1080p Video and render 32 gigaflops od pure calculation on five pipes simultaniously even when AMD deliberately hang four CPU cores from helping in the calculation.

A 500 gigaflops is just a tad less than you get today from ATI Radeon HD 5570 at 650MHz, as this graphics card scores 520 GigaFLOPS.

Back in September we did tell you that AMD is using a mobile version of Redwood, or something that scores close to 500GigaFLOPs, here. It turns out that Mobility Radeon HD 5730 based on Redwood and Madison LP core scores 520 GigaFLOPs and this looks to be the core inside of Llano. We at least know that we can expect performance similar to Madison or Redwood core as well as DirectX 11.

You can also check the Radeon hD 5570 specification and the GigaFLOPs score here, and Madison LP Mobility Radeon HD 5730 scores here.

Last modified on 25 October 2010
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