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Microsoft and Intel limit Win 7 netbooks to 10.2 inch

by on26 May 2009


The happy couple spoil VIA's fun


Taiwanese ODM notebook makers said that Microsoft and Intel have reached an agreement (Strange. No one asked the customers. SubEd.) to limit future Windows 7-based netbooks to 10.2 inches, instead of 12.1 inches. Furthermore, they added that this might have a negative impact on VIA Technologies.

This newly set limit should put a stop to 11.6 inch Atom Zxx-based netbooks after Windows 7 launches, the sources say. So, Netbooks higher than 10.2-inch will thus not get the lower Windows 7 licensing rates that Microsoft will grace their OEMs with.

Such a move is expected to hurt VIA due to their price advantage in 11-inch and higher segments, whereas Atom proudly stands as the king of the 10-inch sector.

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Last modified on 26 May 2009
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