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Toshiba has 320GB 2.5in drive

by on21 August 2007

20GB bigger than the last biggest


Toshiba has announced that it’s about to launch a 320GB 2.5in drive, some 20GB bigger than the previous largest laptop drive at 300GB from Fujitsu.

But the good news here is that Toshiba is spinning the disks at 5,400rpm instead of 4,200rpm, which should make this a pretty decent drive. It might not be able to compete with the 7,200rpm drives, but these are generally at best half its size. 

It will also measure only 9.5mm thick, instead of the 12.5mm of the Fujitsu drive, which is something of an accomplishment.

Toshiba will also offer a range of drives in capacities of 80, 120, 160, 250 and 320GB, all with SATA interface and 8MB of cache.

Also announced were four new 7,200rpm drives with 16MB of cache, ranging in size from 80 to 200GB.

The new models will be on display at IFA in Berlin which starts on the 31 of August.

You can read the press release here
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