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Logitech announces revised G15 & new G9

by on01 August 2007


Hot new PC gaming products to be launched


Logitech has annouced the launch of a revised version of the G15 keyboard for gamers. The new G15 will feature an orange backlit 160 x 43 pixel display that gives gamers relavant information from games that offer G15 support.


The new G9 laser mouse features a new laser sensor, interchanageable grips, on-board memory profile support, customized weight system, and a custom color LED. The new G9 comes on the heels of the recenetly released revised G5 mouse.


Logitech continues to lead the way with new and innovative products for PC gamers. Logitech has as yet not annouced an exact release date when you can expect to find the new G15 and G9 on store shelves, but all signs point to us seeing them in the next 30 days or so.

Last modified on 01 August 2007
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