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Sprint rolls WiMax out in 3 new markets

by on19 August 2009


Only a couple of days later than we expected

After we recently gave you a preview of Sprint’s WiMax plans, we all had to just sit back and wait to see if Sprint could, in fact, execute and get WiMax rolled out in the three planned markets.

While they are a couple of days later than expected, Las Vegas, Nevada; Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia are now all online. It is a bit uncertain exactly how much WiMax capacity they have in each of these cities and where exactly all of the coverage is, but it is up and running.

The pricing still is the same for WiMax from Sprint, with unlimited WiMax costing $69.99 per month with 5GB of 3GB data access included in that price for areas that don’t yet offer WiMax support. Sprint says that $10 WiMax day passes will continue to be available, as well.

Last modified on 19 August 2009
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