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Apple gives up on coming premium Vision headset

by on19 June 2024

Vision Pro was an expensive disaster

The fruity cargo cult Apple has told at least one of its suppliers that it has ceased development on its forthcoming premium Vision headset.

The company doing the leaking produced essential components for the overpriced Vision Pro. This decision is in response to indications from analysts and supply chain affiliates of a decline in sales for the device, priced at $3,500 (approximately €3,255).

However, Apple claims to be progressing with plans to launch a more cost-effective Vision model with reduced features by the end of 2025, as mentioned by individuals involved in its supply chain and the production of the headsets.

Initially, Apple intended to segment its Vision product line into two variants, similar to the iPhone's standard and Pro models, according to sources within its supply chain and ex-Apple employees who contributed to the project.

The suspension of development on the subsequent iteration of its upscale headset exemplifies Apple's recent realignment of its strategic initiatives.

The tech giant has been flat out trying to catch up after dropping the ball on AI-driven functionalities. It has terminated its autonomous vehicle project vapourware after almost a decade of development.

Augmented reality was supposed to be a significant gamble for Apple, with aspirations to ultimately supplant the iPhone with featherweight spectacles, positioning the Vision Pro as an initial move to cultivate interest among consumers and developers in this direction.

The problem was that the Vison Pro was not only expensive it was like having an alien eating your face. It also had wires which connected users to a battery pack, which was hardly convenient.

Last modified on 19 June 2024
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