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Developers are furious as Apple cuts app store commission by “a whopping” three per cent

by on07 February 2022

Tame Apple press goes on the attack

The Tame Apple Press is furious after greedy developers dared to question Apple’s generosity in lopping off three per cent from the 30 per cent it takes from them for the privilege of being in its App store.

After being ordered by Dutch regulators to allow developers to opt-out of the App Store payment platform, Apple announced today that it "would reduce its commission by only three per cent" from the 30 per cent commission it typically charges.

To make this money back Apple said it would increase charges for administrative overheads -- such as applying for permission to use a specific API, and maintaining a separate version of the app.

So basically, Apple hopes to get anti-trust authorities off its back by increasing fees in exchange for a minute drop in the cut it takes. The Tame Apple Press thinks that this is a brilliant idea and will result in huge profits for Apple and show those nasty anti-trust watchdogs who is the boss.

It is therefore surprised that developers have taken to Twitter to blast the move as “absolutely vile”

Marco Arment wrote that you 'can just FEEL how much Apple despise having to do any of this.' Others noted that it 'defeats the purpose of the law' and that developers will still need to pay at least three per cent to the payment provider, thus negating even the small savings."

Steve Troughton-Smith wrote “This says everything about @tim_cook's Apple and what it thinks of developers. I hope the company gets exactly what it deserves. Everybody on their executive team should be ashamed, and some of them should not be here when it's all over. We all see you."

Marco Arment said: “And after you pay your three per cent to your payment processor, Apple's 27 per cent commission takes you right back up to 30 per cent. Glorious. Come on, THIS is comedy. Amazing, ridiculous comedy. I'd be surprised if a single app ever took them up on this. (And that's exactly by design.)"


Last modified on 08 February 2022
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