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Microsoft lousy at patching Vista

by on22 June 2007


XP did much better

Six months after shipping Windows Vista, there are more publicly disclosed Vista bugs unpatched than Microsoft had with Windows XP.

This would seem to indicate that Microsoft's patching process on newly released software has slid since XP's release.

According to IDG, the Microsoft security executive released data Thursday showing that out of 27 disclosed Vista vulnerabilities in the six months after it first shipped last November only 12 have been patched. During XP's first six months, Microsoft managed to fix 36 out of 39 known bugs.

Microsoft's security strategy director Jeff Jones, a Microsoft, said that overall, Vista was doing better than XP because it has fewer total and fewer high-severity vulnerabilities at the six month mark compared to its predecessor product, Windows XP.

It is just they can't fix the ones they find.

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