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Apple cracks down on leakers

by on29 July 2021

Wants the names and addresses of those who spilt the beans

Fruity cargo cult Apple is threatening those who managed to get their hands on details of its products from insiders.

Apple's law firm in China Fangda Partners sent a letter, on June 18, 2021, and told one person to stop acquiring, advertising, and selling leaked Apple devices and requested a list of anyone who provided them with the leaked devices.

 In other words, Apple wants the reseller to say who gave them the devices. Finally, the company requested the seller sign a document promising to comply with the request within 14 days of receiving the letter.

 "You have disclosed without authorisation a large amount of information related to Apple's unreleased and rumoured products, which has constituted a deliberate infringement of Apple's trade secrets", the letter read.

Last modified on 29 July 2021
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