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End-to-end encryption great for pedophiles

by on23 July 2020

Aussie top cop doesn’t mince his words

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Reece Kershaw has warned that the real winners from a move to end-to-end encryption are pedophiles rather than those who need increased privacy.

Using his address to the National Press Club on Wednesday to discuss child exploitation syndicates the AFP and its partners have cracked this year, Kershaw said as a country, Australia needs to be more outraged about those who produce and distribute child exploitation material. He also said there's a need for Australians to be better engaged when the inevitable debate arises with Facebook and other platforms when they move to end-to-end encryption.

"To put it simply, when these platforms move to end-to-end encryption, the job becomes harder for police to catch predators. We are very worried about when that day comes, while on the other hand, pedophiles are counting down the days because they cannot wait", he said.

"And I say this to those who argue that moving towards end-to-end encryption is the privacy they need and deserve: I challenge you to explain that to a child who has been tortured, exploited and repeatedly for the gratification of others; explain to that victim that they may never get justice because technology has been designed to keep the identity of their monster a secret."


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