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Rambus patent case halted

by on04 February 2009


Shares tumble as cases falter

Rambus shares
have fallen after its litigation trail has started to dry up thanks to antics in another case.

A California judge on Monday halted the patent infringement cases Hynix, Micron Technology, Nanya and Samsung Electronics indefinitely. Judge Ronald Whyte of the US District Court for the Northern District of California said he wanted to hear the outcome of appeals by Micron before he allowed the case to continue.

Rambus stuffed up a case against Micron by destroying evidence and had its case thrown out. It is appealing that decision, and Whyte wants to hear the outcome of that appeal. Rambus is appealing that the Delaware ruling from Judge Sue L. Robinson conflicted with an earlier ruling by Judge Whyte saying that Rambus had not destroyed evidence.

If the appeal is upheld then Whyte will also have to say that Rambus destroyed evidence and will have to chuck the case out too. Shareholders went into a panic over the ruling and have been trying to sell their shares. The price dropped by 20 percent.
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