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IBM likely to get Red Hat blessing

by on20 June 2019

EU tips hat

Biggish Blue is set to get bigger are securing unconditional EU approval for its $34 billion bid for software company Red Hat.

For those who came in late, IBM is seeking to expand its subscription-based software offerings via the deal, its biggest to date, to counter slowing software sales and waning demand for mainframe servers.

It would also help it catch up with Amazon, Alphabet Inc and Microsoft in the fast growing cloud computing business.

US regulatory authorities gave the green light to the deal last month without demanding concessions, but then it is America and companies pretty much run the place. The EU, which takes regulation more seriously, could have put up some restrictions on the sale.

However the world on the street is that the European Commission, which is scheduled to decide on the deal by June 27, will not bother.


Last modified on 20 June 2019
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