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Security companies fume at Apple hostility

by on14 June 2007


They use us as their QAs

Security outfits who found holes in its new "Safari for Windows" browser are fuming that Apple is using them to test its shoddy software.

Apple is touting the beta version on the basis of its security, however security companies found a large number of holes in it. One security expert David Maynor found six Safari bugs in one day using commonly available tools that Apple engineers should have used themselves.

The problem is that the browser was giving hackers another method of attacking Windows. But the security companies are getting cross that Apple is denying that there are any problems in its software and are breaking industry rules by not giving them enough credit for finding bugs.

Black Hat founder Jeff Moss said Apple has a reputation of not crediting researchers who find bugs. By releasing a beta version of Safari to the public, Apple expects to get feedback on bugs and vulnerabilities.

However the security people say that Apple cannot be bothered doing quality assurance and wants to use the community as unpaid workers.

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