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Samsung sticks with heat pipes

by on17 November 2017

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Despite rumours, it looks like Samsung Electronics is going to keep using heat pipes in its designs.

The dark satanic rumour mill had manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Samsung was going to abandon the heat pipe design but it seems that it is still placing orders for the gear for next year.

Because of their high prices, heat pipes so far are not a favourite thermal solution among smartphone vendors and are mainly used only in flagship models.

Smartphone brand vendors are also trying out vapour chambers for heat dissipation, but have so far not yet placed any orders. Since vendors' demand for heat dissipation is expected to rise as they add more new functionalities into their smartphones, the sources believe there is a high chance for smartphone brands to adopt vapour chambers in 2019.

Vapor chambers' prices are even more expensive than heat pipes but are more efficient. Chaun-Choung Technology and Auras, and Furukawa, have already delivered samples to clients for testing. CCI, which shipped its vapour chambers mainly to the server sector previously, has started sending related products to notebook vendors recently.

Vapour chambers are more popular with notebook vendors who need them for ultra-thin gaming notebooks, and the adoption has started expanding to non-gaming ultra-thin models.

According to DigiTimes the size of vapour chambers is also a significant holdback for smartphone vendors to considering adopting the component. However, related makers have been pushing to reduce the thickness of vapour chamber and are currently able to roll out 0.4mm thickness products, the sources added.

Last modified on 17 November 2017
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