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Shocking way to bring reality to VR

by on18 April 2017

This VR wouldn’t go voom if you put four million volts through it

A team of boffins from Germany has worked out that the best way to make VR more real is to give yourself an electric shock.

 A team of researchers from Germany's Hasso-Plattner Institute are taking an idea borrowed from electric muscle stimulators to help patients rehabilitate or strengthen their muscles.

They have come up with a new device which sends little electric shocks to sensors on your arms that stimulate your muscles whenever you press against a wall or try to lift a heavy object in virtual reality.

Touching or lifting something feels much more like the real thing and the shocks don't hurt.

Looking at the video, the tech consists of little more than an electric muscle stimulator stuffed in a backpack, the sensors, and a Samsung GearVR device accompanied by motion trackers.

So you are going to have to carry shedloads until the appearance of EMS body suits shipping with new Vive or Oculus units.

Given that porn will probably be the driving technology, we are not sure that there will be many volunteering to have their bits electricified – other than Simon of course, he has been doing that for years.

Last modified on 18 April 2017
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