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Russian PC makers are back

by on29 February 2016

Baikal-T1 heads to workstations

A Russian supercomputer outfit is creating a PC which his based around its own processor –  the "Baikal-T1."

T-Platforms is mass producing the Meadowsweet Terminal PC based around the "Baikal-T1." It is a monoblock which can be used as a Linux workstation as well as a "thin client" in terminal mode.

The chip is not much to write home about it is believed to have a clock speed of 1.2 GHz, two cores, 1 MB L2 cache and DDR3 memory. It is a MIPS and ARM-based microprocessor developed by fabless design firm Baikal Electronics, a spin-off of the Russian supercomputer company T-Platforms.

It was shown off at the Embedded World International Exhibition, which took place in Nuremberg. Vsevolod Opanasenko, General Director of" T-Platforms said that he was pleased that we were able to realize the potential of Baikal-T1 processors to create a functional and safe workplaces.
“Our pilot projects demonstrate the high level of interest in this decision and we hope that the system will become very popular.”

"Meadowsweet Terminal" appears to be being pitched towards security and a network which connects to two independent local area networks and that work isolated from each other operating systems. "Meadowsweet Terminal" connect to both standard Gigabit Ethernet network based on 1000BASE-T technology, and to fibre optic network. It has an integrated screen with a diagonal of 21.5 inches and a resolution of Full HD, equipped with IPS matrix, enables customers to abandon the acquisition of individual monitors, and save workspace.

The first major deliveries are scheduled in Q2 But it looks like it might be a start of an industry that nearly disappeared after the fall of Communism.  

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