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Tsar Putin protects Zeus

by on06 August 2015

Pagan gods put faith in Russian Orthodox 

It seems that Russian Tsar Putin swings both ways – on one hand he is a rabid gay-hating Russian Orthodox on the other he is protecting a bloke who made Zeus a household name.

Researchers have linked one of the world's most-used banking malware attack tools to an espionage campaign that may be tied to the Russian government.

Game over Zeus is a financially focused malware designed to steal valuable information from machines, such as bank account numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, and online banking account login details.

It was one of the most successful botnet attack tools used by cyber criminals and is believed to have enslaved between 500,000 to a million computers at its peak.

However it became clear that GOZ also had a spying function and specific botnets where being used for espionage which seemed to fit in the goals of Tsar Putin.

After the recent political changes in Ukraine, which led to a more pro-western government, one botnet which had been previously used for banking fraud switched to search for certain types of politically sensitive information," read the paper

The FBI believes GOZ was created by Evgeniy "Slavik" Bogachev and is currently offering a $4.2 million bounty for information that may lead to his arrest.

However no one can find him and the sane money is on the fact that he is being protected in a manly way by Tsar Putin.

This means that the chances of anyone getting their paws on him, other than Tsar Putin of course, is if they snatch him out of the country in a diplomatic bag.

Last modified on 06 August 2015
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