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Everything is not based on Microsoft’s sales this holiday

by on29 October 2014

Developers are not stopping development this early in the cycle

Sources have sounded off telling us that some are suggesting that if Microsoft does not have an exceptional sales cycle this holiday season that developers are going to stop developing software for the console.

While Microsoft is behind in sales with the Xbox One, we have spoken to several developers who have told us that right now it is far too early in the console’s release cycle to just give up on the Xbox One.

As one developer told us, “It is far too early to suggest that we are going to stop developing games for the Xbox One. While sales could be better, we have seen improvement and we think that many Xbox 360 owners have yet to upgrade and we believe that a good number of them will choose the Xbox One.”

Another developer told us, “We are committed to bring out titles out for both platforms. I am not sure how these things get started, but we have no intention to ending support no matter how Microsoft does on console sales this holiday season. The price of the console is still high and many still don’t see a need to upgrade just yet. We think there are more than enough people to see our games to on both platforms.

The cycle for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has a long way to go. It is just too early for talk like this.


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