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Most of the US wants net neutrality

by on05 September 2014

Regulators only listen to the telcos

More than 99 percent of the 1.1 million comments on "Net neutrality" submitted to the Federal Communications Commission are in favour of it, according to analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.

Sunlight Foundation is an open government advocacy outfit which is dedicated to making sure that the truth is not buried. Net neutrality is the concept of keeping the Internet a level playing field with no preferential "fast lane" treatment to some kinds of traffic, and it may or may not become a part of upcoming regulations being discussed by the FCC.

The study showed that around 60 percent of the 800,000 or so comments available for review were form letters, fewer than is normal with such a large response. That means more than 300,000 comments were original compositions, ranging from practical objections to economical ones, to philosophical ones.

This overwhelming feedback will make it jolly difficult for the FCC to come up with its usual decision to give the telcos whatever they want. It will also put the FCC in the tricky position that if it does kill off net neutrality then it will be confirming that the watchdog has been corrupted by the telcos.

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