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Medion offers €999 Haswell refresh i7 4790 gaming rig

by on16 May 2014

Deal of the Day: Geforce GTX 770 included

The Core i7-4790 processor has been listed in Europe for about week and a half and apparently it is already available to buy starting at €256.37. This is a 100 MHz speed bump for Intel’s Core i7 4770, a Haswell part launched last year that dominated the Intel performance market for a while.

The company behind Aldi and Hofer brands, in cooperation with Medion, is now offering a neat gaming rig with great specs and it boasts the new Haswell refresh part. Best of all, it is available for a rather reasonable €999.

Value brand gaming rig?

The Medion Erazer X5340 D (MD 8886) may not be the nicest name for a cool gaming rig, but the machine actually comes with a good looking chassis, a Core i7 4790 processor, 8GB of DDR3, 128GB SSD + 1 TB hard drive as well as Geforce GTX 770 graphics with 2GB of memory.


This is not the end of it as it naturally comes with Windows 8.1, DVD and CD burner, card reader and plenty of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Medion desktop machines are famous for their hot swap hard drive bay at the top of the case, which allow users to easily add more storage if necessary.

The company will even give you a keyboard and a gaming mouse, so all you’ll need to start gaming is a monitor. Medion is a DACH brand usually associated with value PCs and tablets. However, the Erazer actually looks like something we would expect from an enthusiast brand.

Haswell refresh in action

The Core i7 4790 officialy launched a few days ago and this new CPU is just 100 MHz faster than its predecessor. It replaces Core i7 4770 and Core i7 4771 Haswell processors and despite being called Haswell refresh, we don’t see much of difference.

Both haswell refresh Core i7 4790 and Haswell based Core i7 4771 have four cores, eight threads, 1024KB L2 cache, 8192 KB L3 cache and HD 4600 graphics. The graphics has changed a bit as it still works at 350MHz base clock and 1200 MHz turbo core clock and both CPUs are steady at 84W TPD. The Core i7 4770K had a turbo mode for the graphics core set to 1250 MHz, giving it slight advantage of the new Haswell refresh, but it’s irrelevant in this market segment.

The Geforce GTX 770 is a Kepler based card and it should be enough for most of the games today, as it can deal with Battlefield 4 and other demanding AAA titles. With such specs you should be fine even in the long run.

Overall this looks like a saucy deal as far as gaming rigs go. It also shows that even value brands can come up with some nice stuff, while still offering rather good value for money. It makes us wonder whether other brands that we don’t usually associate with gaming gear will try to tap this market.


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