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Apple bandwagon starting up

by on24 March 2014

Talking up a share price rice

The media bandwagon to try and talk the troubled cargo cult Apple out of trouble is starting up again. Apple is seeing its share price being propped by an aggressive buyout plan rather than any new products or sales successes.

Now it seems that it is looking to its usual trick of media spin to sort out its woes. According to Barron’s Apple shares could rise by 20 percent over the next year and the reason is that Jobs Mob is releasing a new version of its iPhone smartphone that is expected to have a bigger screen.

The iPhone 6, expected in late summer or fall, is certain to have a bigger screen than earlier versions, which could give iPhone users a major reason to upgrade or win back people who switched to other devices, according to the article. Therefore, according to Forbes, Apple is going to be saved by coming to market with a phone which has already been done by its rivals.

It is only with Apple that a firm can come late to the market and be saved by an “innovation” which has been in the shops for years. No doubt later this year we will be told that Apple invented larger screen phones, perhaps even phablets.

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