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Spencer says Microsoft committed to Xbox

by on11 March 2014

Nadella & Elop "extremely committed"

Phil Spencer has gone on record to say that both new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and new heard of the Microsoft devices division, Stephen Elop formally of Nokia are extremely committed to Xbox. Spencer says that he has had explicit conversations with them about Microsoft’s commitment to Xbox and it is critical brand for Microsoft as a company.

The news that Microsoft is extremely committed to Xbox is going need more than words to back it up. Still Spencer talks of learning some hard lessons from the messaging that game with the launch of the Xbox One. While Spencer talks about taking on the hard subjects head on, he might want to do more of that because the appointment of Elop isn’t inspiring confidence in many and when you combine that with the continued mis-steps on the Xbox One (The latest being the Titanfall Limited Edition consoles), you have to wonder when they are going to get their footing.

Well, with the launch of Titanfall this should be Microsoft’s chance to attempt to start turning things around, but only if handled properly. We will see how truly committed Microsoft is within the next 30 days as we race towards E3 where Microsoft needs an exceptional showing for Xbox One.

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