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Wales calls UK government filter plans “ridiculous”

by on05 August 2013

Nothing will work

Wackypedia founder Jimmy Wales has slammed the UK Government plans to make people opt-in to see adult content online as unworkable.

Wales has called David Cameron’s plan to block internet porn as “absolutely ridiculous” and plans to force ISPs to block new customers from accessing pornography unless they opt-in “won’t work”. He said that any software used to implement this can’t work. Wales said than rather than create new rules, police should be given resources to enforce existing laws.

All that Cameron's rules would require is that a paedophile who's been addicted to child porn videos online would have to opt in. Criminals hacked into Facebook accounts and that was already illegal. New laws are not going to help with that. What would help is actual enforcement, said Wales.

Governments were wasting billions snooping on ordinary people and gathering up all of this data in an apparently fruitless search for terrorists.

“We should devote a significant proportion of that to dealing with the real criminal issues online - people stealing credit card numbers, hacking into websites and things like that,” said Wales.

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